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Fast Cash For Business Owners - Working Capital

Fast Cash For Business Owners - Working Capital

Fast Cash For Business Owners - Working CapitalFast Cash For Business Owners - Working Capital

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Better Rates & Terms Than A Majority Of Our Competitors.


  • Short Term Loans Up To 5 Years.
  • 1st & 2nd Position Loan Options.
  • Merchant Cash Advances.
  • Business Lines Of Credit 
  • A/R Recovery Assistance
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Options To Avoid Collection Agencies.
  • Other Merchant Services.
  • Special Lend - Alternative Options.

What We Can Do For Your Business.


I am Jonathan Mendelsohn. The owner of Money By Jonathan LLC.  I assist existing business owners with obtaining business financing (Working Capital). I also assist with other merchant services, such as credit card processing. My goal is not to sell you, like everyone else. That is bad business. . I want to give you the best terms in the marketplace, & engineer a plan that will enable your business to grow leaps & bounds.

What Makes Us Different From The Rest.


Most of our competitors look to bang you with points.  Forgetting that this type of poor leadership leads to defaults. Let a real pro handle your account. Deal with us. We are not point bangers. We prevail where others fail. At Money By Jonathan, we really do take care of our clients & prospects. Give us a chance. We are confident that you will like us.  Let us help you get a working capital solution that makes sense.

basic loan requirements - oTHER CONDITIONS MAY APPLY.

#1 - You Must Own A Business.


 We only facilitate business loans to business owners.  You must be the legal owner of record to apply. Minimum Time Of Ownership  & Operation Of The Business is 12 months. Minimum Fico Score of 500 for short term loans. 

#2 - US Citizens & Non Felons Only.


 You must be either a U.S. Citizen or a Permanent USA Resident in good standing. No felonies or theft related convictions. 

#3 - Business Loan Revenue Requirements.


 The yearly earned revenue for this specific business must be no less than $120,000, with all earnings placed into a business checking account.  Minimum monthly deposit of $10,000.  Average daily balance of $1,000.

#4 - Prior Defaults = Automatic Disqualification.


  If you have defaulted on a previous merchant cash advance or ACH business loan before, don't bother applying, because you will get rejected. Cross apply this to any DEFAULT that becomes a UCC HOLDING (Public Recording Of A Defaulted Business Loan).   

#5 - Merchant Cash Advance.


   If you process $10,000 per month in credit card processing sales, and have difficulty managing your business checking account, there are options available. For more details, call Jonathan at 407-274-9459. 

#6 - Business Line Of Credit.


Minimum requirements.  24 Months in Business. $20,000 per month in business checking deposits.  Average daily balance of $1,500 per month.  No more than 5 NSFs &/or 3 negative days per month. Revenue must be greater than your expenses by $2,000 or more. 

#7 - re: NSF's & Negative Days.


  For a business loan or line of credit, no more than 7 NSFs and 5 negative days.  If not, let's apply for a merchant cash advance.  

#8 - Active Businesses - Good Standing


We only work with year round businesses who are active,  operational, and in GOOD/ACTIVE standing with the state in which they are located. 

#9 - Do Not Lie To Us.


Do not try to cheat us. It's not going to work. Honesty is the ONLY policy. We are very good at finding out the truth. Don't apply if you cannot afford to pay it back.

Key Facts & Helpful Hints. - Your Guide to borrowing Money.

Business Loan Inquiry - this is not an application.

Principals Only !!! - 3rd Party Calls Are Guaranteed To Be Ignored.

Better Rates & Terms Than Most Of Our Competitors.